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GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice) of MobilityMoveZ provides speed advice when passing intelligent traffic control installations (iVRI). It is an important tool for traffic management and contributes to livability and accessibility in urban environments.
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CONCORDA contributes to preparing European highways for automated driving and platooning of high-density trucks with adequate connected services and technologies.CONCORDA has conducted tests internationally to improve the interoperability of test sites.
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Smart Forward – Cooperative ITS Corridor

The C-ITS corridor project has completed the third phase of the project. The pilot operations. An interesting booklet has been written about this phase: Smart Forward. It discusses the different test moments of the last 7 years.
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In i-CAVE is a Cooperative Dual Mode Automated Transport (C-DMAT)-system researched and designed, consisting of dual-mode vehicles that can be driven automatically and manually for maximum flexibility.
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Together with its partners, V-tron has been involved in the European Intercor project since 2017. With Rijkswaterstaat, we travel the four participating countries and the corresponding project partners. Alone you achieve nothing, the power of working together is once again confirmed in this project.
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Talking Maps

The cars of the road inspectors of the province of North Brabant will collect data for digital maps. Under the name Talking Maps, the cars will scan 560 kilometers of provincial road. The trial should show whether inspection vehicles can indeed serve as sensors, whether they collect enough data for a good map and whether that map can also help in the efficient management of the roads.
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Every day, Rijkswaterstaat works to make the Netherlands accessible. They do so not only by building new roads and waterways but also by using existing infrastructure more efficiently. V-tron stepped in as an HMI (Human Interface) vendor and developed the ZOOF app for this project.
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Practical test A58

Is sensor data from vehicles technically usable in the future for traffic management or other services? That is the question at the center of a test with the Probe Vehicle Data service, commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat’s C-ITS Corridor project team.
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ZOOF is an app for iPhone and Android phones that advises on the optimal driving speed, how to act when entering and exiting lanes and how to follow after traffic jams. At this moment ZOOF  can be used on the A67 and A58, allowing you to drive from Tilburg to Eindhoven and Venlo with ZOOF.
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Pre-test party GLOSA Helmond

On June 13 and 14, the GLOSA PRE-TESTFEST took place in Helmond, the Netherlands. This Testfest is the third Testfest in a series of 5 Testfests conducted by the inernational Intercor project.
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V-tron participated in the subproject ZOOF (formerly Doorstroomrijden), within Brabant in-car III, which was carried out by Fourtress, Spr!ng, V-tron, Be-Mobile, TIM Digital Marketing, ProDrive and Fantasm.
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