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Integrated – Cooperative Autonomous Vehicle

Objectives of i-CAVE

Research program i-CAVE addresses current transportation challenges related to transit and safety with an integrated approach to automated and cooperative driving.

In i-CAVE, a Cooperative Dual Mode Automated Transport (C-DMAT) system is being researched and designed, consisting of dual mode vehicles that can be driven automatically and manually to enable maximum flexibility. The program integrates technological roadmaps for automated and cooperative driving, accelerating the development of new transport systems that meet current and future mobility requirements.

In addition to these basic technologies, emphasis is placed on fault tolerance and failure safety, wireless communication, human factors and other aspects related to the transition from manual to automatic driving and the reaction of other road users.

Approach project

i-CAVE addresses the key challenges of automated driving, i.e. achieving high levels of safety and reliability through rigorous technological design, combined with seamless integration between automated and manual driving to achieve maximum flexibility and user acceptance.

A living lab will be used to integrate and evaluate accurate vision-based mapping and localization techniques, distributed cooperative vehicle control algorithms and fleet management methods.

Moreover, it enables a transportation system that is close to the market and can be commercialized by the transportation industry, especially the leading automotive tiers in the Netherlands, by applying the results in their road maps.

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Results achieved

New external HMI!

Our Twizy is now equipped with an external HMI (eHMI)! The external HMI can demonstrate the vehicle’s situational awareness and let other road users know what the vehicle perceives in its environment, including a vehicle ahead that it is following in a platoon, or other road users with whom it is interacting in negotiations for right of way.

i-CAVE in the Dutch media

i-CAVE recently participated in the ITS Europe demos. This did not go unnoticed in the media, here you can see us in action.

Successful i-CAVE-demo on ITS

In a collaborative subproject, i-CAVE demonstrated two cooperative self-driving vehicles. Equipped with Wifi-P and a forward-facing radar, we were able to follow a leading vehicle with a time difference between vehicles of 0.6s!

Project kick-off in July 2017

In July 2017, the official kickoff for I-Cave was held in Soesterberg.


The I-Cave program consists of seven project groups called work packages. Each work package works closely with some of the program partners.

The uniqueness of i-CAVE is that it advances all the enabling technologies needed for safe, efficient and effective automated and cooperative driving with two-mode vehicles, while also addressing important human factor aspects.

The centerpiece is Project 7 (living lab/demonstrator). This is the collaborative real-world demonstration platform that plays a crucial role in leveraging i-CAVE’s research.

Project partners:

The I-Cave program has been funded by NWO

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