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5G Blueprint

5G-Blueprint aims to design and validate a technical architecture, business and governance model for uninterrupted cross-border teleoperated transport based on 5G connectivity. Result becomes the blueprint for operational pan-European deployment of tele-operated transport solutions in the logistics sector and beyond.
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ISA is one of the mandatory ADAS that will apply to every newly developed car from next month. What is special about our ISA is that it allows the information to also be used to limit the car’s maximum speed, preventing drivers from speeding.
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Pilot Intelligent Entrance

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The objective of ReVeAL is to add Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) to the standard scope of urban mobility crossings of cities across Europe. The EU-funded R&I ReVeAL project is looking at this hot topic for the first time since the CURACAO project (ending a decade ago).
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VISTA stands for VIsion Supported Truck docking Assistant. The purpose of VISTA is to support truck drivers while manoeuvring vehicle combinations to dock doors at logistics sites. The heart of the VISTA solution is accurate, optical localisation of truck and trailers.
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The objective of the yDrive project is to develop an electric driveline for semi-trailers in road freight transport. With this development, we aim to contribute to reducing CO2 and harmful emissions. This innovative technology is expected to have great potential for savings.
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Projects in collaboration with educational institutions:


SPARC (Scaleable Platform ARChitecture) was launched with the HAN Engineering and Automotive Academy to develop with students, supported by teachers, researchers and industry a suitable, scalable platform in a transition to level 5 autonomous driving.
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