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Regulating Vehicle Acces for Improved Liveability

Objectives of ReVeAL

The objective of ReVeAL is to add Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) to the standard scope of urban mobility crossings of cities across Europe. The EU-funded R&I ReVeAL project is looking at this hot topic for the first time since the CURACAO project (ending a decade ago).

ReVeAL’s six participating cities

The project’s overarching mission is to enable cities to optimise urban space and the use of the transport network through new and integrated packages of urban vehicle access policies and technologies. Such policies can lead to reduced emissions, reduced noise and improved accessibility and quality of life, benefiting especially the people in these cities. These policies can also encourage more sustainable transport choices, making cities more liveable, ultimately healthier and more attractive for every member of society.

Approach project

To achieve its goal, ReVeAL combines conceptual work and case study research with practical UVAR implementation in six pilot cities, as well as systematic interaction with stakeholders through professional communication activities.

The project started in June 2019 and will run for three years.

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Results achieved

Since 18 August 2022, the UVAR Box Tool has been available!

The tool allows cities, regions and ministries to digitise UVARs more easily so they can be included in navigation systems. The tool is available for free to any city that is interested. The Box Tool includes a video and manual to explain its use.

Since navigation system and service providers request data from cities, it is convenient that the Box Tool provides all this data at once and in one uniform format.

The uniform format and clear manual will make it easier to integrate city ordinances into navigation services, which will improve compliance and reduce discussions with service providers.

This page gives cities access to all the information about the UVAR Box digitisation tool, the user manual and the video with the step-by-step explanation of the Box Tool’s features.


With its built-in mechanisms to guide, document and analyse the processes and impacts in the six pilot cities, ReVeAL will be able to systematically draw lessons from the experience gained and thus support the wider dissemination of smart UVAR approaches across Europe.

The main outputs of the project will be several complementary decision support tools:

  • UVAR-Readiness assessment
  • UVAR Process Advisor
  • Recommendations for integrating UVAR into SUMPS
  • UVAR-evaluation framework and metrics

Project partners:

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815008

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