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Connected Corridor for Driving Automation

Objective of CONCORDA

CONCORDA contributes to preparing European highways for automated driving and platooning of high-density trucks with adequate connected services and technologies.

CONCORDA, launched in October 2017 and funded by the Connecting Europe Facility, has been working to provide adequate connected services and technologies on interference and interoperability to combat fragmentation and ensure backward interoperability between Cooperative-ITS services and those harmonised by C-ROADS. under real traffic situations.

Approach project approach

CONCORDA combines 802.11p and LTE-V2X connectivity without affecting existing services in terms of interference and interoperability to ensure backward C-ITS service interoperability with those harmonised by C-ROADS under real traffic conditions.

Contact V-tron:

Steven Herskamp

Project leader V-tron

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E: info@v-tron.eu

Results achieved

CONCORDA heeft tests uitgevoerd op locaties in Nederland, België, Frankrijk, Duitsland en Spanje, met als doel de interoperabiliteit van de testlocaties te verbeteren. De interoperabiliteit is ontwikkeld langs drie lijnen:

3 testlocaties in Nederland:
A. Testlocatie Metropool Amsterdam
B. Testlocatie Noord-Brabant
C. Helmond Metropolitan Area


Hybrid communication (pre) implementation and roadside networks for automated driving Use cases. Public role related to automated driving and safety. Road systems (RSU and communication networks). Integration of communication and functionality in cars (FRC).

Project partners:

Project CONCORDA was launched in October 2017 and funded by Connecting Europe Facility.

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