On June 13 and 14 the GLOSA PRE-TESTFEST took place in Helmond. This Testfest is the third Testfest in a series of 5 Testfest’s that performs the international Intercor project. The Intercor project (NL, UK, FR, BE) is coordinated by Rijkswaterstaat and focuses on the roll-out of C-ITS services in Europe that are interoperable across national borders. The PRE-TESTFEST is organized by the Province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Helmond in cooperation with the UK partners. During these two days the Intercor standards for C-ITS GLOSA (Green Light Optimum Speed ​​Advice) were tested by various suppliers from home and abroad.

V-tron has created its own ZOOF variety in cooperation with the ITS corridor team to support GLOSA services. During this two-day event V-tron gave several demonstrations to give an impression to the audience present. more information?

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Unadapted speed is the main cause of serious traffic accidents in addition to drunkenness. Assisting the driver with the speed behavior is therefore a crucial tool to prevent accidents. Navigation systems do offer speed information, but have little impact on driving behavior and offer no feedback about driving behavior. Since speed information is available through various channels (traffic sign detection, speed maps, open government data, traffic sign databases) this can be applied in the vehicle as an ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance System). Far-reaching assistance or even dynamic adaptation is called ISA, namely Intelligent Speed ​​Assist or Adjustment. There are systems that advise speed alarms and give audible alarms (open ISA), adjust the speed (semi-open ISA) and even limit it (closed ISA). ISA as a principle has already been demonstrated many times as an effective solution for behavioral change and receives support at European level, but the success of ISA remains very limited for private individuals, companies and governments. More information about ISA’s international standard can be found here.



The cars of the road inspectors of the province of Noord-Brabant are going to collect data for digital maps. Under the name Talking Maps, the cars scan the 560 kilometers of provincial road. The test must show whether inspection vehicles can indeed serve as a sensor, whether they collect sufficient data for a good map and whether that map can also help to manage the roads efficiently. These high definition (HD) maps, which show very detailed characteristics of the road, are also important for self-driving cars.

Talking Maps is a trial by the cooperating province of Noord-Brabant, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the companies V-TRON and AND and will last a maximum of two years. The organizations involved signed a cooperation agreement on Intertraffic at the RAI in Amsterdam on 20 March.

According to Ruben Kragten, representative in the cooperation from V-TRON, the agreement is a good example of a collaboration between market parties and governments. “We want to test and apply our technical solutions in traffic. And we can not do that alone. We are happy to work together with the government, “he says.


Rijkswaterstaat works daily on an accessible Netherlands. We do this not only through the construction of new roads and waterways, but also through more efficient use of existing infrastructure. Innovative systems for travel information and traffic management can help us. At present we are working – in coordination with Germany and Austria – on the introduction of a number of cooperative ITS services on a so-called ‘corridor’, the route that runs from Rotterdam, via Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven to Venlo (A16 – A58 – A2 – A67 ): V-tron has stepped in as an HMI (Human Interface) supplier. V-tron provides the interface towards the driver. If there are reports from the roadside (A16 – A58 – A67), this is shown to the driver in the ZOOF app and he / she can adjust her driving behavior accordingly. More information about this project can be found on the site of the ITS Corridor.


Are sensor data from vehicles technically useful for traffic management or other services in the future? That is the central question during a test with the Probe Vehicle Data service, commissioned by the C-ITS Corridor project team at Rijkswaterstaat. READ MORE.. During the test – which was coordinated from the Innovation Center in Helmond – the On Board Units of passing test vehicles sent messages with information about the vehicle, such as position and speed. The messages were received by the secure ETSI G5 wifi connection. In addition, messages were also collected from the test vehicles via the mobile 3 / 4G network. For this, the ZOOF app of the Spookfiles A58 project has been used. The first findings are positive. The logging of the messages sent by the test cars proved to be easy to read. And via a web viewer the exact locations and traveled routes of the test vehicles were shown.


ZOOF is an app for iPhone and Android phones that advises you as a road user on the optimal driving speed, about handling at entry and exit lanes and about your following distance after traffic jams. With ZOOF you score points by following these advice, which you can exchange for nice rewards with the partners of ZOOF. Currently ZOOF is only available for A67 and A58, allowing you to drive from Tilburg to Eindhoven and Venlo with ZOOF. ZOOF is a product that results from a collaboration between the regional governmental authority BBZOB (Beter Benutten Zuid-Oost Brabant), SRE (Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven), the Province of Noord-Brabant and the business community. Together, the government and the business community are going to improve flow on the Dutch motorways. Within the projects Brabant InCar III and Spookfiles A58, ZOOF carries out a test on behalf of the government on the A67 and A58, which focuses on improving this flow. You can participate in this trial! ZOOF can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Register via the app, start your route and score those ZOOFies! More information about this project can be found on the ZOOF website.

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