Mobileye accident prevention system

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Mobileye accident prevention system


Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

FCW warns you of a possible collision. You are in an accident path. You get hard audiovisual signals.

Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW)

HMW constantly measures the distance between you and your predecessor. If this distance becomes too small, you will be alerted with an audiovisual signal.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (PCW)

PCW warns you to a speed of 50 km / h when there is a cyclist or pedestrian

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

LDW warns you when you drive without direction about the lines of the road section. You will then receive audiovisual signals.

Speedlimit Indication

The Mobileye 6-Series scans all speed signs and sets it against your current speed. If this is too high you will receive audiovisual signals.

Hardware Afmetingen

The dimensions of the camera are;
length 12cm and width 8cm.
The diameter of the display is 5 cm
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Stimulate the desired behaviour

Constantly registering the driver’s behaviour ensures the possibility to optimizethe driver’s behaviour.By first determining the desired and undesired behaviour, actionscan be taken in case of deviations.
Benefits of Driver Behaviour

The objectives can be achieved by offering various couplings in combination with a system, which measure different variables in the vehicle and then be visualized online. Driver Behaviour is made visible in the application through a ‘traffic light’ method, which makes it directly clear how conscious one is driving and what the boundaries are. This can easily and conveniently be controlled and results in more conscious and environmentally friendly driver behaviour and also leads to huge cost savings.

Without the V-tron system    With the V-tron system
– Excessive behaviour – More conscious behaviour
– Damages – Less damages
– High maintenance costs – Lower maintenance costs
– Fuel consumption approx. 1:10 – Less fuel consumption (-10%)
– More depreciation – Higher residual values
– High administrative costs – Huge savings on administrative costs
– Difficult to recoup damages – Easy to recoup damages
– Pollution/ Not good the environment – Takes the environment into account
-Possibility of fraudulent tank behaviour – Avoids ‘Fraudulent tank behaviour
Experiences with Mobileye.
”Apart from the financial damage in the event of a collision, I know that the emotional damage can be even greater. Even though the system only prevents one accident”.
Martijn Ciere

Representative and traffic expert, NKC

“The Mobileye system works wonderfully well. The reactions to certain situations are great, for example, if you are cut by a fellow road user; it then gives a very penetrating sound – much stronger than normal. Very clever is the ability to precisely calculate everything based on the speed that is being driven. Perfect!”
Michael Furstenberg

Private, Mobileye user

Richard van Werken

Owner, Hastig

Inez van Poppel

Marketing & Community manager, Automotive Campus


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